This year has seen the construction sector vary in economic Performance

After a prolonged slump, emanating from the 2008 financial crisis, the slowdown in the construction industry continued at the turn of the year.

After a sluggish February and March where the industry score index plummeted, the sector bounced back in April with its highest growth in more than two years, with an output increase on 3.2% in April alone, the biggest month-on-month increase since January 2014. Growth predictions increase yet again next year with a growth of 4.1% .The potential for job creation also remains strong, with the construction industry training board forecasting this year that the sector will create 230,000 new jobs by 2020.

"The country's housing crisis and the enormous skills shortage our sector faces owes much to how the construciton industry suffered during the last economic downturn - It's pivotal that we learn from these mistakes and find a way to keep Britain Building" .

"The Parliamentary Construction Review 2016"