3 Main ways to Maximise your Space


cost of moving house

The cost of moving house can easily add up

The cost of moving house can be unexpected with agency fees, removals, storage, conveyancing, and stamp duty all adding up.

Although Comparemymove.com can help you save up to 70% off your moving costs, selling your home can still cost tens of thousands of pounds.

However, a little knowhow can go a long way, putting the power back in your hands and potentially saving you from paying inflated fees.

A Summary of The Costs of Moving House

For the sake of example, we have compiled all the costs you would be expected to pay on a £200,000 house, as well as advice on how to save money with each cost.

  Initial Costs Costs After Savings Total Savings
Estate Agents £5,000 £595 £4,405
Solicitors/Conveyancers £1,500 £1,150 £350
Stamp Duty £1,500 £1,500 £0
Property Surveyors £500 £70 £430
Removal Companies £2,000 £400 £1,600
Total £10,500 £3,715 £6,785

As you can see from the table above, initial costs during the moving process could cost as much as £10,500 for a house worth £200,000

Lofty Ambitions:

Going up in the world is the cheapest way to add extra square footage to your home. For many families the cost of moving house in London is prohibitively expensive add that to the stress of the property search itself. A loft conversion is a simple an inexpensive way to add that extra bedroom, playroom or bathroom without having the stress to move. 

Necessary Planning: Guidelines for permitted development; a party wall agreement and bui8ldign regulations approved

Costs: £40,000-£55,000 on average depending on size, but they can start from as little as £35,000

Added Value: Can increase your property price by 20%

Time: 6-8 weeks depending on the size 


Extending yourself: Extensions have become one of the most popular ways of maximising your space, especially give changing lifestyles and intergeneration living. Many of our customers have transformed there living space to achieve the indoor -outdoor effect. Bi folding or sliding doors can add an instant feel of seamless flow between your living areas. 

Planning: Guidelines for permitted development; Building regulation approval required. Certificate of lawful deve4lopment and party wall agreement may be necessary 

Cost: normally in the region of £60,000 depending on size ranging from £1,000-£2,000 per m2

Time: On average 2-3 months depending upon access or complications to build 

Added value: Any square footage added to you home will increase its value. 


Going Down: Basements are a great proven return on investment. Adding a whole new floor and feel to your property. The limits to the use of space are3 endless. 

Planning: Planning, permission, Building regulations, party wall agreement, construction method statements, ground surveys and structural designs. 

Costs: An average to good- sized basement can cost £3,200 per m2. 

Time:  Small basements can take between three to four months while larger digs can take 10-12 months. 

Added Value: Depending upon postcode and specification can add as much as 30% to your property price.